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But mostly he's a poet.
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  • justplainfrances asked : 3,017 miles is heart wrenching/ Longing for the shadowy touch/ Your lips ghost over all bareness/ When will you return,/ To me, to us./Your words mend my drunken/Delirium indefinitely./Don't give me up.


    I’m finding my way to you

    One mile at a time


    Stopping for dandelion wine

    And a call to your parents for permission


    Stopped for a ring

    To fit the hollow of your finger


    This mile post sings sadly

    It’s reminding me I still have

    3,012 more miles to go

    The wind on my back

    Brings me your scent


    I’m coming love

    Please don’t give up on me

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  • Anonymous asked : So writing is something I love and it keeps me from cutting ... but tonight my demons took over an the words on the paper couldn't stop me an I'm sorry

    I will first start by acknowledging that I do not know of your struggle on a firsthand basis. However… I once dated someone (for three years) who struggles with cutting and self harm. I remember many episodes where she would lock herself in the bathroom and I was outside banging on the door yelling and begging for her to come out because I knew exactly what was happening on the other side. Her silence always had me fearing for the worst. I was helpless. She was helpless. I never knew what to do so I looked online for help. I asked my therapist and my friends and my family for help. But it took me a while to learn that there is little someone can do to help a loved one that self harms. The only thing that I learned that helped, even just a little, was this:


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  • Anonymous asked : as I stretched along my spine/every inch of skin exposed/I begged you to bruise me/to remind me there is a price for passion/growing up I believed love and violence were two sides of a coin/my worth was determined on how you spent it/and in this economy/baby, I'm doomed.

    What’s on the other side of your coin, poor soul?

    Soft hands with fingers running over each vertebrae like tiny mountains?

    Lofty arms wrapped around your bare bones like a shroud for a queen?

    High fences to guard your broken heart?

    A map to tell me where it hurts?

    Sandbags to stop the tears?

    Laughter to hide the pain?

    You see, poor soul, I’m doomed too

    I am but a beggar in an economy of no empathy

    We mangle each other

    And then try to put the pieces back together

    So I’ll continue to beat my hand red

    Against the chafed backside

    That is your love 

    Because, baby, we’re already doomed


    P.S. Please come off anon, you’re beautiful

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  • "

    After successful satiation
    A separate entity entitled her being
    Upon hers
    And it was like she no longer existed

    And they say that is growing up
    That it’s growing older
    That it’s gaining growth rings
    So please give me my chainsaw

    My burning woodstove oven
    And my paper mill
    I will grow flowers
    From your rotting mulch


    The Timber Business


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  • celticsgirl34 asked : Honestly, reading your work and how you explain things in your poems truly helps me understand my own feelings amd emotions; It's crazy. But I appreciate writers like you. Don't ever stop. Okay? (:

    Thanks so much gorgeous! That is one of my objectives and one of the reasons I started this blog, so to know I’m doing what I set out to do is one of the nicest compliments - Thanks!!

    You all sure know how to make a poet feel appreciated - You are all wonderful fans!

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  • iamloved-iamjulie asked : Beautiful!!!! Your writing is amazing. It's so fascinating how there are so many words and writers find a way to use every word differently. And different ideas. I really appreciate it. And I think a lot about these things :)

    Thanks so much dear! I agree - Words are amazing: 26 letters and infinite possibilities! 

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  • Anonymous asked : I saw someone leave you an anonymous poem and that looked like fun.. Do you miss the spaces between our ribs?/your lips wrapping around my name/hips pressed together tighter than a promise/unravel me.

    The space has since been filled

    With empty promises 

    And failed attempts at self-harmony

    I can now only whisper your name

    Because the auditory wavelengths

    Would otherwise disintegrate

    My tongue 

    I promise I will make no more promises

    And I promise I never think about your hips

    … Yes, I never think about my fingers

    Gripped tight

    Leaving ten white lines

    Where your blood used to be

    …Yes, I have unraveled you

    And the loose ends

    Have kept me tied to you

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  • Anonymous asked : An anon poem 3:51 am Is when I realize That the moment I look at you Sleeping there Is a moment I see peace And bliss Because sleep for you Is escaping your demons And sleep for me is facing them I only like being awake Or being asleep next to you Listening to how your breath slows And you fall so deep And you fall so quick All I want is you to pull me closer And for you to tell me you love me Even if you didn't mean it Because for one moment I could erase the memories And just sleep

    To watch our demons spar

    Yours - Gilded silver

    Mine - Hammered bronze

    Each slow breath

    Pierces their armor

    And as I pull you closer

    We enter the ring 


    Our eyes closed 

    And look like clenched fists

    Flying at our enemies

    To lay them by our feet

    We wake to shrapnel in the sheets

    And bruises on our knees

    But satisfaction in knowing

    Today is going to be

    The truest beginning

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  • solem-lunam asked : I want to write you something super artistic and cool praising your poetry, but all I can think it wow. You're talented. Wow.

    *Blushes* Thanks lovely! I loved your response to that sad excuse of an anon - You are miles above them for that! Glad we found each other!

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  • srahh asked : Thank you for the follow, I don't know if I would have found you otherwise. Just a quick glimpse of your poetry has left me feeling rather numb, in a good way. Your words are so lovely.

    Thanks so much beautiful! It’s my pleasure, love your posts and your love of Pablo Neruda - Thanks for sharing!

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  • iconbrown:

    •••IconBrown  and I have found the X… When can we start digging?

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  • "Outstretched arms
    Across the table of love
    Legs crossed
    Under the blankets of acceptance
    A sad ballad of lost astronauts
    Crashing into stars
    Toes clenched
    While we cross our stretched muscles
    To release the big release
    Galactic parachutes
    Cannot re-enter the atmosphere
    Of our outstretched arms"
    •••IconBrown - Looking Into the Big Room
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  • "

    I keep coming for one thing
    And getting another
    Last night it was nature’s gift
    Today was eternal love

    She was wanted
    But now another Japanese Rose
    Sprung at my feet
    And jabbed my ankles with her thorns

    Blotting out the sun of the other
    Lost in her shade
    More mysterious than the other
    I will continue to chase her shadow

    Other weeds try to invade her beauty
    By the looks of her - I do not blame thee
    But soon I shall show her all my grace
    And soon she will be displayed in my vase

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  • "

    If it doesn’t come easy
    Look at your hands
    And remember life gave you
    These hands
    To make it easy
    To pick up your pen
    And exorcise your demons
    Like spells
    Incanted onto paper
    To pick up your instrument
    And finger the notes
    Like how your favorite song
    Lifts you up
    Out of the darkness

    Life gave me these hands
    To hold you
    To feel you
    To heal you
    To carry you
    And all this
    Heals me
    And keeps me
    Carrying on

    •••IconBrown - These Hands Could Build You a House (via iconbrown)
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  • Last night I came for an emerald bracelet in the sky but left with a pocketful of stars like diamonds. •••IconBrown

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